Street beat: HeadTilt for Cosmopolitan India

So recently when the opportunity arose to contribute “Street Style” photos for a feature in Cosmopolitan Magazine (India), we were undoubtedly thrilled to pieces. Lens aloft, scanning the sea of  people in your favorite corner of the city for a glimmer of something divine; the great search for those who enlighten the eye’s mind.. sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it. Well, you can only imagine!

We took to the streets, hunting down the scene stealers traversing the capital in style. Here’s unveiling our contributed captures and some more that we spotted.


Street Style by HeadTilt

SS for Cosmo


And while it is true that the published photos were shot by yours truly, Surbhi Sethibut what you finally see here on the blog is the result of the effectiveness of a collaborative effort between me and my Co-Bloggers, Neha and Aanchal. I thought it is only even-handed to let you know. 🙂

Sahiba Chona, 24.

Sumanshi Singh, 16.

Jaislin Chona, 19.

Meenal Bhatia, 20.


Arzoo Arora, 20.


Sakshi Sood, 20.


Aashna Dalmia, 19.


Anchal Sethi, 23.



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