Sozani ft. IDAM

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Sozani ft. IDAM


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Sozani ft. IDAM


On most days, I’m a solid colors or neutrals kind of person when it comes to decorating my space. But when Idam Store introduced me to their Sozani collection recently, I was completely lured by its nostalgic prints and motifs and decided to experiment a little with all the bright, festive hues at my disposal. The result, as you can see was utterly uplifting, adding a warm dash of old-world charm to my bedroom.

Sozani ft. IDAM

Sozani ft. IDAM

The collection takes inspiration from age-old Kashmiri embroideries, hence the paisleys and florals galore. The vibrant, hand-illustrated patterns steeped in nostalgia are sure to remind you of your mother’s and grandmother’s pashminas. As for Idam as a brand, I love that they only use natural fabrics and nothing polyester so the bedding feels super light and is likely to last much longer, making it totally worth the investment.

I chose a firozi bed-cover from their Sozani collection and added lots of paisley printed cushions balanced with some bright, solid colored ones in velvet. Then to further amp up the vibrancy and also because those handmade tassels were too cute to resist, I placed the most adorable dhurrie from their collection on the side of my bed. Needless to say, decorating my room with Sozani by Idam Store has been an absolute joy.

Sozani ft. IDAM

A good book and some color therapy are all I need to keep my sunny side up on a winter day.




Styled, Modeled and Conceptualized by Surbhi Sethi
Photographed by Tarun Chawla
Bed & Side-tables – Custom-made by Mi Casa

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