Rimzim Dadu | AIFW AW’16

Rimzim Dadu‘s Autumn Winter 2016 presentation at the Amazon India Fashion Week was nothing short of a spectacle. And by that I don’t mean a grand or opulent display of fashion in the regular sense but rather an out of the box showing impressively put together with a vision to shed light on the beautiful, labor-intensive process of creating as much as the final creation. And that was something I’ll admit I had been anticipating and looking forward to ever since I received the equally cool invite for the show.

Rows of artisans lined up on both sides of the ramp along with a few placed in various different sections in the audience showing incredible 3d textiles being created, was anything but ordinary. With the attention being drawn to Rimzim’s signature techniques while simultaneously seeing the fluid-yet-structured end products on the models walking the ramp, the show was as de-glamorized as it gets yet it managed extremely well to retain the charm of an amazing fashion presentation. Her material-oriented approach to fashion to create unique surface textures often serves as brain fodder for enthusiasts like me and I could’t have been more thrilled when I realized that we could actually engage all our senses at this show, touch and feel the textiles and even interact with the artisans to understand the processes, who would readily and proudly give out every bit of info that you asked them for.

A collection that’s equal parts consumer-friendly and museum-worthy, consisted of some exceedingly stunning pieces created using tiny bits of tie-dyed faux leather, her signature 3D applique work, corded chiffon and a painstaking process of sewing hair-thin plastic wires together which formed the most amazing metallic surfaces. While every silhouette that she sent down the ramp was received with much awe and audible gasps, the black saree with a metallic blue pallu at the end was clearly the hero. Dadu’s inventive ways and their ingeniously raw presentation with the main focal point being the temporary studio she set up on the ramp, made it a show I’ll always be grateful to have been a part of.

Take a look at my captures from the show below!

All images are © Surbhi Sethi, 2016. Please do not distribute without permission.


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