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Drafting the fashion edicts are the gorgeous, soul-expanding ethnic-wear designs of Ridhi Mehra, taking you to a heartfelt trip down memory lane of that occasion when you got away with that perfect outfit. Her signature shoulder and waist patches and the one-side embroidered dupatta constitute the semi-formal pieces with light embroidery but elaborate, feminine silhouettes. You will long and idealize the mix of creams and neons with a floral print worn by Sonam Kapoor and her likes.

Aspiring to be in the fashion week, Ridhi wants to share the stage with Manish Arora, Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra and Anamika Khanna. Currently engrossed in preparations to launch her new collection at Pernia’a Pop Up Shop, AZA, Karma and many more, she is ready to be seen indeed. There is a definite sense of composure and new-found confidence in all of her pieces and we simply cannot wait to see where she takes it from here.


Contemporary | Ethnic | Demure chic | Floral | Subtle | Mughal inspired | Grecian drapes | Emerald | Indigo | Purple | European influences | Vivid | Flouncy | Regal | Intricacy | Neons | Dreamy | Minimal



Below is a little Q&A with the designer.


How did the Ridhi Mehra label come about?

Well I was studying in a business school, but since my mom was already working in this field, I decided to join her. I trained under her while I was studying, and later did a course from NIFT for a year and I was training on the job as well. Last year I realized I wanted to start something of my own and do something different, and so I really put my brains together and that’s how I came up with a collection and now.. here I am!

What inspires you most?

Anything I see inspires me, things on the road catch my eye sometimes, like plants and flowers etc. And of course seeing Indian and International designers do such great work, keeps me going. Google is also a major source wherein I often just type whatever I like and look for images that are inspiring in some way. For example, I recently looked up “illusions” and found something really inspiring which I have also incorporated in one of the jackets (See: Image below) from my new collection.


IMG_0003_6low res WMedit1

Photo by Ridhima Sekhri, courtesy of the designer.

An absolute stunner and a personal favorite from her new collection, I could not resist trying on this particular piece, the result of which you can see below and let me know what you think of it! 



How do you define your particular style or approach to design?

My signature is what I started from, the classic raw silk blue anarkali with draped dupatta and shoulder patch (See: Image below) as seen on Pernia’s pop-up shop (View here). I do a lot of shoulder pads and one side patches on waists. I also like doing borders on one-side of the dupatta unlike the usual four-side border, which has also become my signature, but I might experiment with more.


IMG_0009_4low res WM edit1

Photo by Ridhima Sekhri, courtesy of the designer.



What would you say is your specialty which distinguishes you from the rest of the Indian designers?

What separates me from other designers is mostly my signature style which often comes across in the form of the famous blue anarkali which has made me what I am today. Doing one-side patches has sort of become my specialty. I believe in doing minimal work which is exclusive and on-trend and let that be the center of attention. I am not into bridal as of now as I am more of a silhouette kind of person always celebrating elaborate silhouettes rather than heavy embroideries all over.


IMG_0044_1low res WMedit1

Photo by Ridhima Sekhri, courtesy of the designer.

Neha was instantly in love with this uber-chic jumpsuit, which I think looks absolutely fab on her! What say you?



What are you most proud of in your work?

Sonam Kapoor wearing my creation! That was undoubtedly the most amazing moment of my life.


IMG_0001_8low res WMedit2

Photo by Ridhima Sekhri, courtesy of the designer.



Tell us about your upcoming projects?

I am launching my new collection soon on Pernia’s pop-up shop, around the 26th of August, recently launched the new collection at Ogaan, also starting retail with Aza and Karma in the coming month. After that I’ll be gearing up for a showcase at Bridal Asia in October.


IMG_2119low res WMedit1

Photo by Ridhima Sekhri, courtesy of the designer.



Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

Five years is a long vision, but in the next one year I see myself in the fashion weeks. That is something I am really looking forward to.




Name some other designers, artists or creatives you admire?

Sabyasachi, Manish Arora, Manish Malhotra and Anamika Khanna.


Currently reading?

I’m not much of a reader, but the last book I read was “The 20th Wife” by Indu Sunderesan. It is a tri-series based on the Mughal empire, that was really inspiring to read as it tells you a lot about the era, their royalty and their riches.


Digital references?

Umm, Google!


If you had to describe your work in one word, you’d say?



Describe HeadTilt in one line.

A visionary blog! I can see you guys make it big and going a long way.


( Ridhi Mehra currently retails at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop and Ogaan in Delhi. You can follow her on Facebook here or tweet to her @mehra_ridhi )

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