“At Dior, femininity is triumphant and self-assured – and it is also imbued with a subtle dash of masculinity. A paradox, no doubt, but hardly contradictory. A woman of many facets, the Dior woman naturally pre-empts the expected order of things.”

– An excerpt from the Editor’s Note, Dior Magazine Issue Fourteen

Growing up, I’ve always idolized and wanted to embody that kind of woman. In fact she’s someone I probably do naturally embody. I certainly enjoy playing with all the different facets – self-assured, independent, free, sensitive but not fragile; strong, but gentle, crisp yet sensual. Channeling exactly that equilibrium that achieves strength and delicacy at the same time, I created two looks using some of my favorite pieces from Dior‘s Spring/Summer’16 collection, the first of which you can see below (second one to follow in the next post).


Dior’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection toys with a lot of freshness and lightness yet maintains that degree of formality that one expects from the fashion house. And it was exactly that interplay of floaty, pared-down colors and silhouettes set against subtly architectural lines that resonated with me. It lets me get in touch with my feminine side but also brings out the bold, confident, fierce and fuss-free woman in me.

“I wanted the collection to have a purity to it. To simplify and concentrate on a line that expressed an idea of femininity, fragility and sensitivity without sacrificing strength and impact. There are literal layers of the past, from the Victorian-style underwear layered under the transparent bias cut dresses and the Bar jackets and rough knits, but for me it still all feels oddly futuristic and strangely romantic. Like this woman is about to travel through space and time.” is how Raf Simons summed up his latest collection.




So this look is composed of the scallop-edged Victorian cotton undergarments that formed the base for almost each one of the ramp looks, layered with a reinterpretation of the famous Bar jacket of 1947.
“Dior’s Bar jacket is characterized by molded curves, a cinched waist, elevated bust and padded hips. Christian Dior named it the Bar jacket since the piece was intended for the afternoon cocktail hour at hotels.”
I have been crushing on this version of it from the SS’16 collection ever since I first laid eyes on it. Just love everything from the way it flatters the female form to the undulating silk pleats that add a touch of femininity to the otherwise structured silhouette. “The complex architecture of this House icon has been revisited with a fluid hem, pleated both vertically and horizontally and sewn below the peplums to create the illusion of a dress peeking out from beneath.” Talk about softened curves and such clever handling of volume – sheer genius!

To polish the look with a touch of glam, I added the gold metallized crinkled lambskin pumps and a matching gold Diorama bag. What better way to spice up a classic monochrome outfit than with some bold golds, right? Tribal earrings with cream resin pearls were my sole choice of accessory to finish the look.

Overall I feel the seamless amalgamation of femininity with a hint of androgyny lends this look a very modern yet ethereal vibe. And that’s the aesthetic I wanted to continue in my hair and makeup as well, hence I decided on a crisp white, almost futuristic winged eyeliner, classic, deep red lips and big, wavy hair.
A big thank you to the experts at The Magnifique Salon for not just helping me achieve that look with utmost perfection but also letting me use their beautifully done up space as the shoot location for this feature.


Photographed by Tarun Chawla
Wardrobe – Dior
HMU + Location Courtesy – The Magnifique Salon

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