Manish Malhotra | India Couture Week’16

Designer Manish Malhotra in association with ‘Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang’ kickstarted the India Couture Week 2016 with ‘The Persian Story’

There’s something magical about the fine marriage of craftsmanship and heritage. Manish Malhotra’s opening show for India Couture Week 2016 brought this magic to life, as he unveiled The Persian Story. The collection weaves together the subtle nuances of history and legacy, to recreate the glory of a bygone era.

The showing culminated with the stunning Deepika Padukone in a resplendent red velvet lehenga that featured a beautiful, seemingly never-ending trail, walking the runway. The lehenga showcased the fine work of craftsmen of yore and was completely embroidered in vintage badla work.

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