Love, peace, twirl – my current state of mind, simply put.
I’ve been ruminating a lot over certain aspects of life ever since the start of this year, almost as if I were suddenly put on a spiritual quest by forces undefined. It is as though the only subject that tickles my fancy these days is divine soulology (if that’s even a word!). I’ve come to realize I am very interested lately in all that there is to our very being, in everything that makes up our consciousness. I found myself burning with desire of a very different kind recently – a desire to update my system of living, a desire to engineer consciousness, a desire to manage my vibes to the best of my abilities. No, dear reader, I am not high! If anything, I feel more awake than ever before, after all these months of feeding the spiritual junkie in me by dappling in various meditation practices, books, articles, videos, podcasts, TED talks and anything else that promised to fine-tune my perception.
Now I do realize you’ve made your way to this blog either expecting, or wanting to come across an insightful fashion/style-centric piece with complementary visuals. While the visuals, I promise are all but an extension of my sartorial experiments, they generated this time, from a very different place in my heart. And that is what I’d like very much to direct your attention to. To the fact that the literal twirl I seem to be enjoying a little too much in the pictures below indeed is a metaphor for the twirling thoughts in my head, which represent both, the joyous enthusiasm and vigor that a good swirl starts to bring about, as well as the contradictory feeling of exhaustion that it leaves us with.

I’m in no mood for purple prose today so just going to keep this very simple and direct.
Who are we and why are we here! I believe many of us see ourselves pondering over these basic, boring, overused existential questions from time to time, bringing them up in relevant conversations, reading up all about them on brainpickings and the likes, feeling a special attachment to song lyrics that point in this direction or reading between the lines of any self-help book that promises to offer answers. But are those really the questions we need to be asking? Does it matter? All that matters to me is that I feel good, feel loved, feel at peace and enjoy the ride while I’m still here. Nothing else matters. The problem is how do we regain perspective in order to feel at peace without having to slow down the breakneck speed of our lives. We do have all the answers available apparently but we choose to ignore/overlook them. The ego surfaces. And we suppress all higher wisdom about what truly matters under the pile of our daily life frenzy and inherited belief systems which seem to have become our badge of honor.
We may pretend we have it all together but most of us have no idea what’s going on. I mean it. Or we may pretend we don’t like to control the course of our lives and live in the moment instead, but the truth, lets admit lies in the fact that we would want nothing more than to make things go our way, given the opportunity.
Is moving to the mountains, finding your tree and becoming a monk the only way to achieve the state of bliss we all so clearly long for? What if there is another way. What if we could continue to live the life we live, only better it up by incorporating an advanced way of thinking, practicing certain simple yet life-altering ways of connecting with our higher selves, mastering to quiet our minds and soak it all in. Most of these ideas aren’t half as profound or new anymore because well the knowledge about the means to an upgraded life system is literally spilling out everywhere these days. Yet most of us are struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, stress and not being able to live our lives to our full potential. What is it that keeps us from accessing a blissful state of being as and when we want? We are infinite, eternal beings, creators of our own realities. Why is it then that we are still experiencing varied degrees of lack? Why are we still a victim of circumstance? How do we tame our frenzy? How do we become more than just our bubble of self? My curious mind is full of questions. And I believe the answers are out there somewhere. Or maybe deep within. Either way, we must find out soon enough (or not) and take away all excuses for not being madly in love with our lives.

“My thoughts are a twirl, they’re spinning around in a whirl.”
They’re making me shake in my shoes, as I tinker with this fresh spin on life. I’m in the mood for change. Real change.
Time to test my wings, perhaps?
















“Inspired from the classic trench coat, this cobalt blue tunic from Ritu Jain Singh is overlapped till the waist and is highlighted with handmade buttons and pearls. It has a long slit from waist down. The waist has a matching tie up with tassels. In-seam pockets. The lustrous fabric (cotton satin linen) is the highlight of this style.”


Kurta/Tunic – Ritu Jain Singh

Cotton Skirt – Fab India

Silver Jewellery – Depths of my closet 

Photographed by Manik Sethi

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