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A picture says a thousand words but your eyes will believe it when you see it!
Leather, be damned! Nappa Dori, the magic formula of Gautam Sinha to give a facelift to leather products, amassed in December 2010 with its first store opening in Haus Khaz Village is currently operating through 3 stores across Delhi, and few in Mumbai. The criminally smooth products can murder your wobbly leather game and show you the fifty shades of fine leather for the keeps.

It’s a little bit of young, a bit of metal and too much of cute and class. You name it, they have it! Briefcases, doctor bags, iPad covers, belts, bracelets, bags, satchels, totes and much more. What caught most of our attention though was the mini yellow metal trunk with leather embellishments. Truth be told, you would want it in a large size too (psst…its available). But hey good things come in small packages! Double-Decker wallets are our second favorite, immortalizing the chic with sparrow-print detailing. Well, let’s just say, whatever you need for traveling can be fitted in them. What better way to organize your travel belongings? You’re ought to be fascinated by the photographic prints on canvas bags (Impressions of India) used on each product. These images, self-clicked by the brand, are digitally printed on canvas in a way that it spells nothing less than luxury, yet remind you of imperialism in India that majorly attracts international customers.


Chocolaty leather, not-so mellow yellows and slick reds fueled by fusion and regal splendor take you to an entirely new level of sensory fulfillment. Classic monotones with splashes of the popping primary make the products quirky yet sophisticated. What’s more? Nappa Dori specializes in customization. For instance, they’ve made special traveling trunks for a chef to carry his collection of knives, as well as lens-friendly travel cases for photographers. Even the A/C coverings at the store create enough intrigue among the customers walking in to have them place orders for similar customization.

By celebrating artisan craftsmanship in innovative manners, Nappa Dori reinvigorates the nostalgia of vintage India and blends it into contemporary lifestyles, giving the opportunity to people to celebrate their individuality and make a statement that reflects their personality. We’re confident in saying that similar products are not available elsewhere (except for Paul Smith maybe, teehee!).
Their upcoming collection is gilded with all kinds of hot leather. Titled as the “Lion Head Collection”, it is all about men’s accessories. Tie racks, iPad cases, shoe bags, phone covers and passport cases available in colors such as navy, beige, and maroons. The specialty is the embossing of the lion head on each product that states power and persuasiveness. We stand in no doubt that it’s going to be meritorious! Leather we love you inside out! Already saving up for some new fun buys.

This article was contributed to Grazia India Digital.
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