Lacquer Embassy

Photographer Aman Makkar’s shapely side is peeking out creative airtime with pocket squares! As the buzz around us heightens, he is on the verge of nurturing your deepest visual senses. His latest work for the brand Lacquer Embassy breaches the ordinary mix of graphics, colors and shapes to form interesting themes. The inspiration for this work comes from the vast intricate things one picks up from their daily lives, a particular routine, a savory moment, and an upholding view to things as simple as a road or a pocket square itself.

Let the photo-play begin!

– Text by Kriti Sethi

When I started two years back it was about capturing something beautiful and creating images that are pretty. After having evolved as a photographer or rather an artist it has become more and more about  self expression and using the camera just as a medium to speak. The technical aspect is always there but in addition to it there is a thought that has to come out of the pictures as well. – Aman Makkar

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You can check out more of Aman’s work here or hop over to his Facebook page here.

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