“We Cut, We Carve, We Drape, We Surprise.
With Intrepidness, The Bodice,
We Potently Metamorphosize”

– says label Sameer Madan‘s instagram bio

HeadTilt x Sameer Madan

At first glance, his luxe-meets-edgy creations offer a sense of intrigue – a strong play of fabrics and textures that adorn sharply tailored pieces, from heavily embellished contemporary evening-wear to well-cut shirt dresses, signature details like the triple collar, monochrome accents, patent leather weaves and webs and a plethora of experimental, almost avant-garde jackets, all give the label its powerful, dauntless appeal combined with sartorial elegance.
It is only after you try these pieces on though that you realize how subtly and instantaneously they transform you, instill a sense of liberation from limiting beliefs and make you want to break free from conventions. Such is the power of fashion I believe – the impeccable ability to define one from the outside.

HeadTilt x Sameer Madan
The super voluminous mesh midi skirt from the label, dawned by many A-list celebrities is clearly one of their strongest pieces and lets you add major pouf to your style. Obviously I fell prey to its charm the minute I laid my eyes on it. Instead of sticking to its gothic princess vibe however, I decided to slightly soften up the look with a touch of dainty while still maintaining the sleek and sturdy aesthetic that Sameer Madan stands for. I teamed the skirt with a white triple collar satin shirt with beautiful billowing sleeves, Nest Earrings, Black Gawa Power Ring and a handcrafted box clutch, all from the label itself. Minimal, elegant yet downright impactful was the look I was going for, so a slick, classic top-knot and a bold winged eyeliner seemed like the ideal finishing touches. Pulled-back hair made sure all the attention is directed to those stunning pair of earrings and all the lovely details on the shirt.

HeadTilt x Sameer Madan


HeadTilt x Sameer Madan

HeadTilt x Sameer Madan


HeadTilt x Sameer Madan

HeadTilt x Sameer Madan

I’d love to know your thoughts on this look, dear readers!

A huge thank you once again to the lovely team at Magnifique Salon for such a fabulous job with my hair and make-up for this look.


Photographed by Tarun Chawla

HMU + Location Courtesy of The Magnifique Salon

Outfit + Accessories – Sameer Madan

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