“Lost in the continuity of time
Deep through the layers of space
Ruminating estrangements
Through infinite dimensions

The pure present is an ungraspable advance of the past devouring the future.
In truth, all sensation is already memory.”


Deepankshi & Reena

Deepankshi & Reena, Dior Accessories

Editorial HeadTilt x Akshay Sharma

Editorial HeadTilt x Akshay Sharma

Editorial HeadTilt x Akshay Sharma

Editorial HeadTilt x Akshay Sharma

Editorial HeadTilt x Akshay Sharma

Editorial HeadTilt x Akshay Sharma-x-

Styling, Modelling by Surbhi Sethi
Conceptualisation by Surbhi Sethi and Akshay Sharma
Photography and Edits by Akshay Sharma
Assisted by Uma Sharma, Kriti Sethi and Manik Sethi

I’ve been raving about this creative collaboration since the day we started shooting, because nothing beats the thrill of co-creating when you play by the same rules. This editorial, a first for me, is the result of a smooth thought-partnership with Akshay Sharma, photographer extraordinaire, class A wordsmith and art director. From generating and proposing seed ideas, to synthesizing them, it has been an immense pleasure to produce this fashion editorial story, that demanded way more shenanigans than what I deal with on a regular basis while shooting personal style looks for the blog. From hunting down the most perfectly imperfect urban ruin for our backdrop, to finding and sourcing ideal outfits and accessories to compliment our storyline, it has indeed been quite a joy-ride full of idiosyncratic quirks, chasing sunbeams and some such. It helps when you have the kindest souls assisting you for such tasks, a photographer who knows exactly how to balance what he wants and what the story demands, designer friends who respond to all your last minute calls and a location with just the right bit of mood-setting that seems to carry you through it all. Ever so grateful for opportunities like these. Here’s hoping you liked what you saw, and that I continue to create and plaster up many more of these feature stories on this blog!

Look 01
Aqua Blue Gown by Deepankshi & Reena

Look 02
Blush pink draped gown by Deepankshi & Reena | Accessories, Dior

Look 03
Sunflower yellow gown by Aashima Behl | Honeycomb choker, Vaitaanika

Look 04
Powder blue cold-shoulder dress by Aashima Behl | Earrings and Hard-harness, Vaitaanika

Look 05
Blush draped toga dress by Manika Nanda

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