At the factory with Ridhi Mehra

She had been hovering in our inner circle and now she has earned an all access pass to our affection!

The last time we met with designer Ridhi Mehra at her studio, we had a strong feeling we’d be back for more.  And so we were. This time for a fab factory event curated by the lovely fashion enthusiast Rasna Bhasin and marketing consultancy, Creative Marketing Fix. Now when we say ‘factory event’ we literally mean an evening at the factory as Ridhi showed us around and walked us through the creation of a Ridhi Mehra outfit, over wine and canapes of course. From sourcing and dying to cutting and stitching, followed by different types of embroidery processes, her commitment to quality and craft is unparalleled and truly remarkable to see in action. With an enticing build up of traditional practices combined with contemporary aesthetics, Ridhi’s label boasts of a kind of sophisticated simplicity we all want a piece of.

We bet the exquisite details will own the deed to your soul!

– Text by Kriti Sethi, edited by Surbhi Sethi

Here’s a modest attempt at capturing the labor-intensive processes that make up a Ridhi Mehra couture creation.

1-rm factory

1-rm factory1

1-rm factory2

1-rm factory4

1-rm factory5

1-rm factory3


…and some fun moments from the evening!

At the factory with Ridhi Mehra

Ridhi Mehra with the Creative Marketing Fix team and Rasna Bhasin

At the factory with Ridhi Mehra

The cheery lot that is us!

The skilled set of karigars strike a pose at the factory!

The skilled set of karigars strike a pose!

At the factory with Ridhi Mehra

And Ridhi Mehra signature embroidery patches as take-aways for the guests. Ridhi suggested we use these for quick DIYs and share it with her on Twitter and Instagram. Can’t wait to unleash our creativity!

1-rm factory7

1-rm factory8

1-rm factory9



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