Of-the-moment on the internet trend meter is the Archist City. Barcelona-based illustrator and architect Federico Babina is the host and rescue to even the unsightly artists. The architectural structures made to look like Andy Warhol, Picasso, Salvador Dali and other famous artists will keep you riveted, engrossed, befuddled but riveted.
You look like a building? Take it as a compliment!

– Text by Kriti Sethi

02_-mondrian-01_905 03_-Peter-Halley--01_905 05_-gerhard-richter-01_905 06_-roy-lichtenstein-01_905 08_Andy-Warhol-01_905 010_keith-haring-01_905 012_damien-hirst-01-01_905 013_picasso-01_905 021_Josef-Albers-01_905 022_Anish-Kapoor-01-01_905 023_salvador-dali-01_905 024_Ellsworth-Kelly-01_905 025_Marcel-Duchamp--01_905 027_lucio-fontana-01_905


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