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You have obviously seen me go on and on about Anupama Mangar on my insta-stories and posts on the ‘gram etc. But it is all for good reason. Rarely does one get an opportunity that brings with it the perfect blend of art, fashion, culture and intellect. My weekend getaway with The Wanderous Tribe in association with Anupamaa Dayal last month was one such experience – equal parts fun and enriching, with some quirks here and there. After showing you the place’s beauty in bits and pieces on social media, I decided it’s time to stop teasing and share it all on the blog already! So here goes…

Headtilt x Anupamaa Mangar

Headtilt x Anupamaa Mangar

Headtilt x Anupamaa Mangar

Headtilt x Anupamaa Mangar
Headtilt x Anupamaa Mangar

Headtilt x Anupamaa Mangar

Merely an hour’s drive from Delhi, the chic jungle retreat by designer Anupama Dayal is a quaint little getaway perfect for city-dwellers looking for a peaceful escape. There is plenty of information about the property online, should you wish to look it up to plan a visit.

The interesting part for me was to know how the place came into being, the idea, emotion and the passion behind it and getting to know Anupama herself, the beautiful, spirited soul that she is, all that inspires her and keeps her going.

There are one too many pretty corners at this property brimming with color. You can literally point your camera in any direction and you are guaranteed to get a great shot. And so I did! The walls, beautifully hand-painted in signature Anupamaa motifs make the place come alive. Everything, from the locally sourced furniture, to the lovely farm-fresh pahadi food, to the mesmerizing little decor details make this place unique and individualistic. Much like her fashion sensibilities, the designer’s eye for detail and balancing of colors when it comes to interiors and decor is just as delightful.


“I love the unreal. That Mangar can exist feels a little like a fantasy. So close to a congested , oxygen deprived metropolis . A tiny green jungle village cocooned tight in a ring of Arravalli mountains. Tinkling goat bells , pastoral villagers and peacocks everywhere. How could I not dig roots here!
And the forest is a sacred forest . Legend has it that a mystic, Gudariya Baba entered a cave in the village and never came out. Villagers have never allowed trees to be touched in Mangar. This has also become a rich eco system with rare bird and butterfly sightings and some almost extinct tree species .” – Anupama Dayal




“Our retreat is simply called Anupamaa Mangar. I bought some land from the villagers and with absolutely no idea of architecture and set about building my house. I used to watch insects and birds choose prime spots to sun or escape sun and i followed them .., our reading and sunning spots . My design philosophy is simple. To bring the outdoors indoors.. to forget that we are not in the great big wide open.” – Anupama

I have Mirabai Ceiba playing in the background as I write this post. I remember coming down the stairs from the terrace after my shoot that Sunday morning, and being greeted by her beautifully soothing tunes playing in Anupama’s room. I enjoy being nostalgic, yes I do. And music is what connects me best to the memory of a certain event.

Our conversations varied from bird feathers to butterfly species, from travels across the world to Rajasthani men, from the beauty of color to the design of things, from the culture in the village to the feminism in the cities, from modern marriages to old school romance. Such is the vibe of this enchanted home away from home.











“I wanted my Mangar home to tell stories of all that i love and gravitate to. Green which is a colour that speaks to my soul is all over the handwriting here. Each room is based on one of our popular collections . The rooms are named , Fight and Feast which is the Naga themed room, Ishq e Dilli, Gulabi, Phoolbagaan and Manjula. All rooms are decorated with textiles from the Anupamaa Home collections. I had fun running around Jodhpur getting the simple old fashioned furniture together. The cane furniture and all upholstery, lampshades are also designed by Anupamaa Home. The food is locally grown and fresh. The idea was to keep the space intimate and honest to both the beauty of Mangar and the philosophy of Anupamaa. “


A big thank you to our ‘phool wali didi’ *wink* for being the hostess with the mostess and to The Wanderous Tribe for making this experience possible.

Hope you enjoyed the post and the pictures. Signing off with a grateful heart 🙂

All images are © Surbhi Sethi, 2017. Please do not distribute without permission.

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