The visual cornucopia that is HeadTilt, was launched in May 2012 by me, Surbhi Sethi along with two of my closest friends as a passion project with an inclination to push the boundaries of creative expression through a unique platform to dispense all my sartorial ramblings, arty musings and designspiratons at. With creativity becoming a contemporary lifestyle, it seemed like an exciting time to be involved in sharing what stimulates one’s creative juices.

The blog has evolved and changed several times over the course of these short years, since its inception, as have I. While initially HeadTilt was merely about me looking at the worlds of fashion and design through rose-tinted glasses and sharing my view of it, it has now morphed into a more personal space which chronicles my work in various creative fields; the prime focus areas being my offbeat personal style and my progression as a self-taught photographer. It isn’t just a platform for the performance of a styled self, but also for a self in the process of being understood through style and various other creative practices.


Personal style to me is about conveying a part of myself through my appearance. Dressing in a way that expresses my distinct personality, even if that means embracing a less-expected look, feels equal parts exciting and empowering to me. I believe in moulding trends to fit my own style and aspire to encourage my audience to effortlessly achieve refined looks. Indulge in my attainable sense of style inspirations and make them your own, perhaps?


Creativist | Multi-hyphenate | Fashion nut | Photography enthusiast | Habitually chic | Internet-being | Seeking éclat | Loves coloring outside the lines | Quaintrelle | Jumps between a million different interests on a daily basis in order to stay lucid | Perpetual work-in-progress

A Product Design graduate from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore, I’ve been a pursuer and purveyor of aesthetics for as long as I can remember. Born out of the creative convictions that caught fire in my mind and grew, HeadTilt caters to my whole-hearted visceral need to express myself. A self-taught shutterbug with an innate passion for the pursuit of creativity, I define my life as a non-goal oriented play.

Welcome to my happy place!


The fact that HeadTilt is of Indian origin and ‘headtilt-ing’ is mostly seen as an Indian gestural custom to manifest non-verbal notions of being fascinated and interested in something, braced my pondering to settle for this offbeat name. To unveil the Indian universal means of communication and linking it with the rest of the world makes it my sole choice. It seemed like the perfect metaphor to describe what this blog is based upon. Every post is a surprise, thus making your head ‘tilt’ with amusement.

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